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Carla + Anthony | Galveston, TX

Welcome, dear readers, to the exciting world of wedding planning, where love stories are transformed into magical celebrations! As a passionate wedding planner, I've had the privilege of orchestrating countless love-filled affairs, each one unique and brimming with joy. Today, I'm thrilled to share one unforgettable wedding day experience, where dreams came alive and hearts united in harmonious bliss: Carla + Anthony Dundee's wedding in Galveston, TX!

Father of the Bride walking the bride down the aisle
Catholic Church Ceremony. Photo by Barron and Barron.

The Planning/ The Execution

Carla sent an inquiry via my website contact form and we met for the first time via zoom. She was very excited for her Galveston wedding and wanted to be sure she had a Coordinator on staff to ensure that her wedding day ran smoothly. After discussing our packages, she ended up booking our Full Coordination Package meaning she would do the planning herself and my team would step in to execute her vision when wedding time came.

"wanted to be sure she had a Coordinator on staff to ensure that her wedding day ran smoothly."

The Setting

January 22nd was a perfectly pleasant day in Galveston, TX. Carla and her 5 Bridesmaids got ready in a suite at Hotel Glavez. When I arrived that were laughing and enjoying every moment. I had met the crew the night before at rehearsal and all was steadily moving along. Carla decided that she wanted me to stay with her and ride to the church in the same car, so my assistant made her way to the church to make sure that all was set and ready to proceed with the Bride's arrival.

The Ceremony

Carla and Anthony's wedding ceremony took place at Sacred Heart Catholic Church (Holy Family Parish). The white walls and stained glass windows made the perfect backdrop for their families and friends to witness their commitment to one another. The couple had designated ushers that greeted each guest and walked them to their seats. Rehearsal ran smoothly the night before so the wedding party knew exactly what to do. I waited in the car with Carla and helped her reapply her lipstick. She was nervous, but so very excited. Once my assistant gave me the cue, Carla and I walked to the front doors of the church. I held her train along the way, then placed it perfectly behind her. I love to remind my clients to take in all in. When it was Carla's turn, I told her to take a deep breath and nod when she was ready for me and my assistant to open the door. It was on old, tall, wood door- perfect for a grand entrance. At that point, I typically hide away until the ceremony is over, but this venue allowed for my assistant and I to sit in the back and to watch the entire ceremony. It was perfect.

bride and groom at wedding
Carla and Anthony during mass. Photo by Barron and Barron Photography
just married
Finally married! Yayyyyy!! Photo by Barron and Barron Photography
historical church in texas
Gorgeous church in Galveston, TX. Photo by Barron and Barron Photography

The Florals

The florals were kept simple: white and lavender roses. Carla and her bridesmaids each held a rose bouquet, and Anthony and his groomsmen wore rose boutonnieres. The churched matched with large altar arrangements, and the theme was carried out at the reception venue (Hotel Galvez) as each guest table adorned a small arrangement filled with white, lavender and plum roses.

The Décor

Décor consisted of elegant table settings: charger plates, cloth napkins and menu cards, with the floral arrangements too, of course. The couple even provided mini succulents as thank you gifts to each of their guests. Hotel Glavez. set everything out themselves which made the day run seamlessly. Their service team was AH-mazing!! This may be tmi, but let me tell you how amazing they were... at the time of this wedding, I was a breastfeeding mama that had to pump twice during day. The catering staff stored the milk for me and literally brought it out to me on a silver platter at the end of the night! They even bagged it in a cute to-go bag. It was top notch service!

elegant wedding
Wedding Reception at Hotel Galvez. Photo by Barron and Barron Photography
gifts to their guests
Succulent Guest Favors. Photo by Barron and Barron Photography

The Joyous Moments

In addition to top notch service, Hotel Glavez.also provided a great dinner. After Carla and Anthony's Grand Entrance into their Reception, they shared their first dance to "All My Life" by K-Ci & JoJo. The couple glided across the dance floor with grace and charm. Their dance was more than a choreographed sequence; it was an expression of their love and unity. Then Carla's dad, Ceaser, gave a welcome toast. During this time, the catering staff delivered the plated meal to all of the guests. After dinner, the couple's Maid of Honor, Paula, and Best Man, Lance, gave beautiful toasts to the Bride and Groom. Carla and Anthony were both smiling ear to ear the entire time!

The Unforgettable Memories

After toasts, the Bride danced with her father and the Groom danced with his mother. THEN it happened. In my opinion, the most fun moment of the night: the Bride + Bridesmaid dance! Carla had choreographed an entire dance routine with her girls to perform for Anthony. I knew it was going to happen. Carla and I had discussed it in advance- we had even written it into their wedding day Itinerary, but is was still so fun and unforgettable to watch in person. Anthony was not expecting it. (He clearly never viewed the Itinerary, ha). Some bridesmaids were serious, some were laughing, but it was clear that they each enjoyed the moment. The guests seemed to love it too! As a former dance studio owner and teacher, I absolutely loved it.

Bridesmaid dance at reception
A special choreographed dance for the groom. Photo by Barron and Barron Photography

Anthony had his own plan for shenanigans. He had slipped a construction worker's vest and hard hat to me earlier in the day to keep track of. After the bouquet toss, I passed the items to him and he dressed up for a fun retrieval of his Bride's garter. This group definitely knew how to have fun!

"Anthony had his own plan for shenanigans."

construction worker garter removal
A unique take on the classic garter removal. Photo by Barron and Barron Photography

Soon after, the floor was open to everyone, and the night transformed into a dazzling dance party. It was heartwarming to witness grandparents twirling with grandchildren and friends laughing as they grooved to the rhythm of love. Soon after the Smore's Bar opened up. Yep- that's right: Smore's Bar. Yum!!

I refrained myself and only went through the line once. It was a huge hit amongst the guests! If you want to offer something fun and unique to your guests, a smore's bar is it!

entertaining guests at wedding
Smore's Bar anyone?? Photo by Barron and Barron Photography

A little before the night ended, Carla changed into a white jumpsuit. It was gorgeous!! And even though it was super cold outside, she pushed through and took phenomenal photos with her groom in the courtyard. The night concluded with a sparkler exit.

bridal jumpsuit
The Bride's outfit change. Photo by Barron and Barron Photography


As a Wedding Planner, each celebration feels like a unique love story in the making, and Carla and Anthony's wedding day was no exception. From the heartfelt vows to the joyous dancing, every moment was infused with love and happiness. It's in these moments that I'm reminded of the immense privilege of being a witness to love's purest form.

Vendor Team

Wedding Coordinator: Next Chapter Weddings

Venue: Hotel Galvez

Bartending Staff: Hotel Galvez

Cake: Patty Cakes

Caterer: Hotel Galvez

DJ: DJ Connection

Florist: Bennett Florals

HAMU: Sunny Hair and Makeup

Linens: Hotel Galvez

Officiant: Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Photographer: Barron & Barron Photography

Next Chapter Weddings is an upscale Wedding Planning company based in Houston, TX. We offer packages from Coordination to Full Service Wedding Planning, as well as, Design and Décor.

We are happily available for destination weddings, elopements and micro weddings.

We believe every love story is unique and worth celebrating. Cheers!


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