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Frequently Asked Questions from Brides and Grooms

What Type of Packages Do You Offer?

We offer packages from Coordination to Full Service Wedding Planning. We also offer an amazing Décor Service Package to any of our Coordination and Planning Clients. Want a cute Brunch Set-up on the morning of your Wedding? We can do that too!


What is the Difference Between a Planning Package and a Coordination Package? Which Should I Choose?

When you hire our team for any of our Wedding Planning Packages, we are hands on throughout the process of planning your event. That means that we help you find your vendors, design the over all aesthetic of your event, manage your budget, etc. If you book us for Coordination, you do all the planning. We step in after you have secured your Vendors and execute what you have planned on your own. (All Planning Packages also include Coordination.)


Do I really need a Wedding Planner/ Coordinator?

 Yesssss!!! Whether it is us or another company, you absolutely should have a Wedding Planner (or at least a Wedding Coordinator). Before launching my company, I dipped my toes into the industry by working for a Wedding Venue where I observed MANY weddings. Many had Planners/Coordinators and many did not, but I am telling you it was like night and day when you compared the weddings that hired Planners/Coordinators from the ones that did not. The amount of things that went wrong and stress levels were massly different. It's an investment that you will not regret. Enjoy the day know you have Professionals on your side!


Why Should We Choose Next Chapter Weddings?

We love what we do and we are 100% your advocate. We genuinely care about your Wedding Day as much as you do. Plus, we are Certified and Insured with ample experience in the Industry!


When Should We Officially Book?

It's never too early to book. I take that back...get engaged first! ;)

As soon as you're ready to booking your Venue or Vendors, we are ready to help you. TIP: It's extremely helpful to have a budget in mind to build off of.


What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

Credit Card, PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Cash/Check


How Do I Book You?

Use the below link to schedule a Complimentary Initial Consultation to discuss your event. CLICK HERE.

Then request a contract, sign and send your Down Payment, BOOM! That's it.


What is the Difference between a Venue Coordinator and a Wedding Coordinator?

Simply put: A Venue Coordinator's top priority is the venue. They ensure the rules are being followed. A Wedding Coordinator's top priority is their Client, YOU. A Wedding Coordinator executes your Wedding Day vision.


Do You Have a Team?

Yes- NCW Staffers are amazing! From Assistant Coordinators to the Décor Set-Up Crew, we have the staff to meet your Wedding Day needs.


Will You Work With Vendors We Select?

Yes, buuuuut let's chat first! One of the perks of hiring a Wedding Planner or Coordinator is to have a Professional on your side that knows the best of the best Vendors. Working with our Recommended Vendors will be the best way to ensure that your day runs smoothly.


What is the best form of Communicating?

Email. It keeps everything in one place. 

We are open to calls and texts, but highly encourage email.


Do You Offer Payment Plans?

50% of your Package is due at the time of signing your contract. This allows us to put your event on our calendar and start the work of bringing your wedding day dreams to life. (This portion in nonrefundable.)

25% is due midway

25% is due one month prior to your event.


Get in Touch

Do you have question that we did not answer? Contact us.

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