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Top 9 Wedding Photographers in Houston

Updated: May 9

As a Wedding Planner, there's one thing I know for certain: the power of a photograph to preserve the essence of a special day. The right wedding photographer has the ability to encapsulate emotions, freeze moments in time, and tell a couple's unique love story through their lens. And when it comes to finding the perfect wedding photographer in Houston, a city brimming with talent, the task can feel both exhilarating and daunting.

To help couples navigate through the vast sea of photographers, I've curated a list of the top 9 wedding photographers in Houston who have consistently delivered breathtaking imagery and impeccable service. These photographers have not only impressed me as a Wedding Planner but have also garnered rave reviews from their clients, making them the go-to professionals in the industry.

From capturing stolen glances and heartfelt embraces to immortalizing grand celebrations and intimate exchanges of vows, these photographers possess a rare talent for capturing the essence of each couple's love story. Whether your dream wedding is a lavish affair or an intimate gathering, their expertise, creativity, and commitment to perfection will ensure that your cherished memories are transformed into timeless works of art.

Best Wedding Photographer in Houston
Photos by Rivers Light Photography

When and why did you start your photography business?

I've always loved photography because it's a creative outlet and because it documents important memories. In 2017, my husband bought me a new camera and as I shared my work people began to request bookings. We decided to make the business official and it was the best decision ever!

What is your photography style?

It's important to me that people enjoy the photography experience as much as they love their images. During portrait sessions, I provide a lot of posing direction as well as incorporate fun prompts. On wedding days, there are times I take charge to set up important moments and other times I remain hidden in the background to capture moments as they happen. My editing style is vibrant, true to color and romantic.

Why Wedding Photography?

There is a personal element that happens when working closely to a couple through engagement, bridals, and wedding day. The connection you make is amazing and gives me so much joy! As a creative, I get to use a variety of different skills within wedding photography and I absolutely love that!

What is something you wish people knew about your business?

My heart is in this. I built my business on the pillars of love, family, and legacy. Everything I do to develop my skills and enhance my client experience is because of those three areas in my personal life and I work hard to make sure those areas of my clients' lives are well represented in their images.

What is your website and IG?

My website is and you can follow me on Instagram at @riverslightphotography

Confetti thrown around bride and groom
Photos by Aly Matei Photography

1. When and why did you start your photography business?

I shot my first wedding November 2017!

2. What is your photography style?

When I hear “photography style” I think 2 different things: 1st being my shooting/editing style and 2nd being my photography philosophy

I like to describe my editing style as clean and true to life. It doesn’t fall under the typical “light and airy” or “moody” styles that we often see. I believe that colors are meant to be photographed how they are in real life and with my editing, I give them that extra pop to really stand out. One of my big hills that I will die on is true to life skin tones. No one deserves to be orange or lost in the editing colors. Skin tones deserve to have that natural glow and you look like yourself.

As for my photography philosophy, it is quite simple: I firmly believe that your wedding day should be spent experiencing these special and once in a lifetime moments instead of constantly posing in front of the camera. Your wedding day is meant to be experienced and documented - not staged.

3. Why Wedding Photography?

Truly, I just love weddings. I love the beauty of a wedding gown. I love the timeline to keep us on track. I love the thought and detail that goes into planning. I love the high stress that a wedding day can bring. I love having to think on my feet. I love building a relationship with my couples over the year as they plan. I love collaborating with vendors who love what they do.

4. What is something you wish people knew about your business?

I freaking LOVE a good party! The reception is where the bulk of a couple’s budget is spent and I firmly believe that it should be documented with the same love and care as the couples’ portraits in natural light outside. The reception is where not only the couple, but the guest come alive! They are able to let loose and just truly celebrate the couple. THOSE are the shots that drive me. Anyone can take beautiful natural light portraits outside, but documenting the reception in a variety of lighting conditions is where I believe a photographer’s skillset gets put to work.

5. What is your website and IG?

Wedding Party details
Photos by Kaysa Elise Photography

1. When and why did you start your photography business?

I developed a passion for photography in my early years of high school. I remember taking an Audio/Visual elective class my freshman year and the minute we got to put our hands on an actual camera, I was hooked. Ever since then, I would beg to check out the camera to take home with me on the weekends to practice little photoshoots with my sister and other friends of mine. I eventually joined the high school yearbook staff my junior year and was quickly known as "the girl with the camera." By the time I was a senior, other students in my class and from surrounding school's in the area started booking me for their senior photos. I couldn't believe I was actually able to make money off of taking pictures but I was loving every minute of it! I saved up enough money from all of my shoot's and eventually bought a camera of my own the summer after I graduated. Then by January of 2020, I decided to make my business official! I was attending Bible College, leading worship at my church, and doing photoshoots on the side. After much praying, I decided to go full time into photography in 2021 and I've been shooting primarily weddings and couples ever since then! I truly thank God for blessing me with the opportunity to do what I love, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

2. What is your photography style?

I would describe myself as more of a documentary, editorial and portrait photographer. My editing style is more of a timeless, warm, natural look. I’m not dark and moody, but also not bright and airy - so somewhere in between.

3. Why Wedding Photography?

I used to think that I would never be able to shoot weddings. In my mind, it was always such a super far away goal that I MIGHT be able to dip my toe into… one day. However, it snuck up on me a lot quicker than I expected. I was fortunate enough to meet one of my now good friends (Cicily Ashcraft) shortly after I started my business. We were both in the early stages of photography and of course, we hit it off right away. She ended up asking me to second shoot for a few of her first couple wedding bookings. Ever since then, I quickly realized that I was in love with love! I loved everything about shooting a wedding, all of the special and beautiful moments, the pretty details, and capturing the true romance between a couple gave me the best feeling!

4. What is something you wish people knew about your business?

For any couple out there looking for a photographer, I wish they could know how personal I am in my business and with all of my clients. I get so emotionally invested in every booking and I truly want to create an easy experience, where they almost feel like they are booking a friend vs. an ordinary wedding vendor. I care so much about my couples as actual people, and making sure they genuenely enjoy their session and/or wedding day. I try my best to make it a stress-free process, and I’m super easy going and always willing to work around personal matters!

5. What is your website and IG?

Luxe Wedding Photos
Photos by Angela Lauren Co.

1. When and why did you start your photography business?

I started my photography business in September 2016 after I had a youtube channel for 2 years and fell in love with cameras. Since I was starting to do a lot more camera wise for my YouTube channel, so many people around me started asking for me to do the same for them which birthed Angela Lauren Company.

2. What is your photography style?

I would say my photography style is Classic, Fun and True To Color. I like to be a good mix of posey and fly on the wall to get those magazine-feel photos as well as the natural moments happening around me.

3. Why Wedding Photography?

I got into weddings because a friend of a friend asked to capture their wedding pretty early on in my business and I fell in love with the atmosphere. Capturing sacred moments that you and your spouse will cherish for a lifetime always moves my soul.

4. What is something you wish people knew about your business?

I wish people knew we offer both photo and video and they are equal loves of ours.

5. What is your website and IG?

My website is IG is @angelalaurenco

Unique Wedding Photography
Photos by Pedigo Photography

1. When and why did you start your photography business? In 2007 I was chosen to be the Astros photography intern. What an incredible experience! Learned so much from the experienced sports photographers that covered the team. That summer I had the opportunity to shadow my first wedding. It was love at first snap! Drove home in silence. I’d just found my passion. All I could think about was… you guessed it… weddings. So started the countdown clock until I graduated when I could focus fully on building the business. 2. Why Wedding Photography?

Always knew I enjoyed photography but wedding photography lit a fire under me. It’s a canvas to create a unique art collection that’ll last for decades. No two couples, personalities, timelines, venues, or seasons are the same!

3. What is your photography style? My style is classically candid. The coloring is as natural as the eye sees. By sticking to classic coloring the images will look current for decades to come! I switched over to a standard color scale in 2015. Before switching I’d noticed that many of the current fads tended to shift every few years. When I went back and looked at the way I was editing from 2007-2015 the colors seemed dated to a specific timeframe. After making the shift to natural coloring the images looked like they were shot yesterday. Lighting is key. Great skin stems from great lighting. Everything else comes second in creating amazing portraits.Framing is also super important to me. Finding interesting lines in the natural landscape is always a fun challenge. A single oak tree can create such interesting architecture! Inside that frame I want your personalities to shine through. Some of the best, most candid images aren’t even planned. I’ll help with all the posing but from there let me capture who you really are together. 4. What is something you wish people knew about your business? I’m a big proponent of transparent packages and client satisfaction. No hidden fees. No gotcha moments. Simply add tax to the packages and that’s what most brides will spend. You receive the fully printable files right away. No need to come back to me for printing unless you want to print through the gallery. Rain on the wedding day? No problem! We’ll go back out on a future date free of charge. Need further editing? No fees! Whatever you need done to get the pictures looking perfect is included in the package for no additional charge. Last but not least…day-of sneak peeks. That’s right! Each client receives a gallery of sneak peeks the day of the wedding. Typically delivered during the reception. Nothing better than going through your wedding pictures on the ride home!

5. What is your website and IG? Website: IG: pedigophotography 6. Mandi Roach Photography

Best Wedding Photographer
Photos by Mandi Roach Photography

1. When and why did you start your photography business? When I was young, I would spend hours sitting on the floor looking through stacks of photo albums. I found that the photos transported me to a time and place that I had never been. To younger versions of those, I knew and loved. I would study those images and notice patterns, textures, colors, light, but most importantly, emotions and expressions. In high school, I took all the elective art classes that I could. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was a really troubled kid, and I believe art lent itself to my healing since I lacked the vocabulary to express the emotions of my childhood trauma. Inadvertently, I ended up in a photojournalism class my junior year, and my time spent capturing moments and developing film shaped my life in a way I never imagined. In 2000, I invested in my first DSLR, a Nikon D90, so that I could get incredible images of my first child. I did not want to miss a single moment! Eventually, I started taking portraits for friends and friends of friends, and became fascinated with being able to capture more than just a photo, but something that gave off a feeling, a vibe, told someone’s story or captured the essence of a moment. Things gradually picked up as I shared my work and I started shooting more and more. I started marketing myself as a family and newborn photographer in 2014. and had absolutely zero intentions of photographing weddings. The pressure of shooting weddings was something I would happily leave to other people. So imagine my surprise, just a few months later, when my very first wedding clients came knocking on my door. I’d been recommended to them by a mutual friend. They were planning their wedding in a short timeframe, had a tiny budget and were happy to trust me to capture their day. Every day I THANK GOD that I managed to do that without completely making a mess of their images. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I was woefully unprepared to be a wedding photographer. I had an amateur level camera, a kit lens and a cheap 50mm, one flash gun and absolutely no idea how to use it and literally no idea what a wedding day entailed for a wedding photographer. Let me emphasize this again – I was very, very fortunate that everything went to plan, that it didn’t rain, and that my couple are lovely and easygoing. After that very first wedding I was hooked — I knew weddings were where I wanted to be and from that moment on I concentrated all my efforts into building my wedding photography business. 2. What is your photography style? I describe myself as a wedding and elopement photographer. Approximately 85% of my bookings are couples or weddings, with the other 15% being families, seniors and branding sessions. On a wedding day, my mission is to photograph people as authentically as possible. That might mean stepping back and letting the honest, real moments unfold with little to no direction from me. I do not view wedding days as a photoshoot. They’re not about industry trends and Instagram likes; they are about the unique love between two people.. 3. Why Wedding Photography?

There are few things that bring me more joy than serving couples and weddings. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry when the mother helps her daughter put on her wedding gown, when the father first sees his daughter as a bride, when the bride and groom read their personal vows, or when toasts are given at the reception. It’s not just a transaction for me; I am personally and emotionally invested in each of my clients. To put it plainly, I work my butt off because I believe that couples deserve THE BEST on their wedding day, and I’m not willing to give anything less!

Looking back on the journey, it’s so obvious how God perfectly weaved my life into exactly what I needed. I never would have had the courage or the vision to have pursued my own photography business without God laying it in my lap the way he did. I’m not saying it wasn’t hard, but it was worth it. 4. What is something you wish people knew about your business?

There are so many amazing photographers out there, some of whom are technically better photographers than me, but I think I’m known for loving my clients well and capturing real, authentic emotion. No one puts as much emphasis on the client experience as I do. My couples become family. I want to share in their wedding planning and be there for them long after their wedding day. 5. What is your website and IG? Website: Instagram: Facebook:

Cool vibe wedding photos
Photos by Good Omen Co.

1. When and why did you start your photography business?

We started our business about seven years ago, shortly after becoming new parents to both our daughters. More than anything we were looking to provide a wholesome lifestyle for our girls which is why we decided to take our side photography projects full time and we haven’t looked back since. 2. What is your photography style? Documentary style with a fun, edgy, and modern look and feel. 3. Why wedding photography? Wedding photography just feels so natural for us as a husband and wife team. We’ve been where our couples are and as parents we also know the deep importance of capturing life milestones. We treat each wedding day through that grand perspective and we genuinely love serving and guiding others through such a beautiful time in their lives. 4. What is something you wish people knew about your business? We are genuinely the most down to earth humans who love to have fun. We also love people and serving others anywhere and everywhere we go. 5. Website? IG? @goodomen.weddings

Various Bride and groom portraits
Photos by Erica Geier

1. When and why did you start your photography business?

I started photography in 2014 but became a wedding photographer in 2018.

2. What is your photography style?

My approach to every wedding is to

capture the day authentically and capturing the emotion throughout the day. My editing style is clean and timeless.

3. Why Wedding Photography?

I truly love capturing the best day for my couples.

4. What is something you wish people knew about your business?

The amount of tears, sweat, and love I put into my work is unmatched.

5. What is your website and IG?


Next Chapter Weddings is an upscale Wedding Planning company based in Houston, TX. We offer packages from Coordination to Full Service Wedding Planning, as well as, Design and Décor.

We are happily available for destination weddings, elopements and micro weddings.

We believe every love story is unique and worth celebrating. Cheers!



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