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Should You Hire a Wedding Planner?

Updated: May 9

Weddings can be expensive. That is just a fact. With millions of dreamy Pinterest inspo photos floating around, it can be easy to dream about a big, lavish wedding with flowers dripping off the ceiling and a million candles lighting up every corner. In no time at all a $20,000 wedding can turn into a $60,000 wedding. Or a $60,000 wedding can turn into a $100,000 wedding. Or a $100,000 wedding can turn into $150,000 wedding. You get the picture. Expenses can add up quickly. So should hiring a Wedding Planner really take priority on your wedding planning to-do list?

Best Wedding Planner in Houston
2023 Association of Wedding Planners- Houston Chapter Board Members. Photo by Studio HTown.

While I can genuinely understand the temptation to skip the Professional Wedding Planner to save money, I am here to tell you- DON'T!!! Before becoming a Wedding Planner myself I worked for a popular wedding venue near my hometown. I gave tours, sent out contracts, responded to emails, and supervised MANY weddings- sometimes 4 per week. The events that had professional Wedding Planners or Coordinators were by far the more organized, peaceful and enjoyed events by not only the couples getting married, but also their wedding parties, families and guests compared to the weddings that had a friend or family member running the show- or even worse: no one at all! I promise it was like night and day. Cats and dogs. Black and White! In my position, I was required to write notes on the event at the end of the day, and my notes were almost always at least twice as long for the weddings that did not hire a Wedding Planner. It only encouraged and pushed my passion to become a Wedding Planner, because I saw the true value of the service.

Hiring a Wedding Planner is an investment. Having a wedding BFF is worth it's weight in gold. Do you really want to spend a year or more planning, and your hard earned money on producing a large event to risk it all falling apart because Plan B and Plan C were not put in place by an experience Wedding Planner that is ready to tackle any challenge that they are fully prepared for because, well, experience. It all comes down to the famous say, "You don't know what you don't know." Do you really want your wedding day to become a learning experience? You're only planning to do this once, right? Don't be the guinea pig for someone's first time planning or coordinating. A good Wedding Planner will help you find the best Vendors to avoid unwanted situations. They also act quick on their feet, and swiftly find solutions to unexpected problems.

With all this said, I must note that creating a budget and staying in budget is vital. I highly recommend hiring a Wedding Planner, but at a minimum, you would be doing you and your family/friends and other Vendors a huge service by at least hiring a Wedding Coordinator (a professional that executes what you have planned or your wedding) also known as a Wedding Manager.

Summary: Should You Hire a Wedding Planner?

  • Organized, Peaceful and Enjoyable Event for Couple, Wedding Party, Family, Guests and Vendors.

  • Experience (Your event is not the guinea pig.)

  • They help you find the Best Vendors.

  • They are resourceful- find solutions to problems quickly.

I believe in hiring a Professional Wedding Planner/Coordinator so much that if my company, Next Chapter Weddings, doesn't feel like the right fit to potential Client, I strongly encourage other amazing Wedding Planners! This year I am serving as the Secretary for the 2023 Association of Wedding Planner- Houston Chapter Board. Everyone in the group believes in community over competition and holds one another to high professional standards. For example, we each insure our businesses. So even if I am not your gal, I highly HIGHLY recommend hiring a Wedding Planner.

President announcing new members to Wedding Planning Assocciation
Moments before being introduced as the 2023 Secretary for the AWP Houston Chapter. Photo by Studio HTown


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