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Staffing Services


Our Staff will keep all tables clear as you and your family and friends enjoy the best day of your life! Aunt Sally is on her 5th Margarita? We're not counting! Just throwing away the evidence.

Cake Cutting

Do you know how to cut a wedding cake the "right" way? Don't worry, we do! We fancy like that! We bring all the supplies to cut your cake swiftly and evenly so your guests can taste that amazing cake you and your fiancé happily selected after taste testing 2, 3 or was it 23 different flavors! We're not judging! *said with a mouth full of cake*


Does your Caterer not have the staff to serve your guest during Cocktail Hour or in the Buffet Line? Our crew has your back! (Caterer or Client must provide chafing dishes.)

Late Night Snack Pick Up

Want to sober your guests up with some Taco Bell or Chick-Fil-A before the party ends? NCW Staff can pick-up and deliver your order.

Hint: Do this and guests will never stop talking about how awesome your Reception was! 


NCW Staff is fast on their feet. If you need an extra set of hands to set-up or take down your Grand Event, Call us your Wedding BFF!

Personal Bridal Assistant

Whether you need an extra cup of joe, or a refresh on your morning mimosa, NCW Staff is there so you don't have to lift your perfectly manicured finger. Relax and enjoy your very special day.


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