NCW Inventory

All NCW Inventory is exclusive to NCW Clients. (That's YOU!) Up to 150 Standard Gold OR Silver Charger Plates are INCLUDED in all Coordination/Planning Packages. The following Items are available for additional charge for any of your upcoming, wedding related, events; such as, Engagement Party, Bridal Party, Bachelorette Party, Wedding Rehearsal, Wedding Day and Post-Wedding-Brunch.


Please contact us directly if you have any questions.

Pink Lounge Chairs Set

Springs Angleton Shoot-342.jpg

Create a relaxing Lounge Area for your guests with this SUPER CUTE hot pink chair set.

What's Included: 2 Pink Chairs, 2 White Pillows, White Fur Carpet. Set-Up and Take Down.

Rental Fee: $150/day 

Standard Gold/Silver Charger Plates

Bella Moon-22.jpg
Next Chapter Weddings Indoor Table Detai

For your Wedding DAY, we are already including up to 150 Standard Gold OR Silver Charger Plates (Complimentary) with your Coordination/Planning Package. But if you would like to rent our charger plates for any of your other events, here you go! :) 


We have 150 Standard Gold Charger Plates (as pictured) and 150 Standard Silver Charger Plates available for you to rent.

What's Included: Your choice of Gold and/or Silver Charger plates. Up to 150 each.

Rental Fee: $0.50/each (Pick Up)

Gold Metal Hexagon Arch

Need a backdrop? Look no further! We are obsessed with our Hexagon Arch that stands right under 8 feet tall! It's perfect for your ceremony backdrop, behind your cake or gift table or for photo ops!

What's Included: 8 ft Gold Metal Hexagon Arch.

Rental Fee: $50 (If we will already be onsite coordinating your event.)

                      $150 (If we will not already be onsite.)

Gold Guestbook & Gifts Signs

20200415_202510 (1).jpg

No need to buy a guestbook and gift sign for one day! We have these gorgeous signs to rent for your special day!

What's Included: 1 x "Guestbook" Sign AND 1 x "Gifts" Sign

Rental Fee: $10/day​

58" X 58" Boxwood Wall

We LOVE our Mini Boxwood Wall. It's the perfect backdrop to your specialty tables; such as, cake/dessert/gift tables. It also makes an adorable backdrop for selfies!

What's Included: 58'' 58" Boxwood Wall + Set-up/Take-Down.

Rental Fee: $50 (If we will already be onsite coordinating your event.)

                      $150 (If we will not already be onsite.)

8' Light Green Foam Garland


This garland is bright and made of foam leaves. With multiple loose strands, you can create a beautiful and long garland for a beautiful tablescape or use as decor for a backdrop or accent table.

What's Included: 8 feet of full garland.

Rental Fee: $15/day​

Three (3) Garland Strands with White & Purple Flowers

These Garland Strands are perfect for decorating arches or tables. Each garland strand is 6 ft. Each strand has White & Purple Flowers attached to it.

What's Included: Three (3) Garland Strands. 6' each.

Rental Fee: $30/day​

Two (2) Strands of 6' Garland


These Garland Strands are look just like the real thing! Use these to decorate your Cake Table, Entry Table, Welcome Sign, Backdrops, Head Table, etc.

What's Included: Two (2) Garland Strands. 6' each.

Rental Fee: $25/day​

Acrylic "reserved" Signs (5 available)


Reserved Signs are perfect for tables at your reception that you want all your guests to know are reserved for your Wedding Party or family. They can also be used to reserve seating at your Wedding Ceremony or Bridal Shower!

What's Included: Five (5) Reserved Signs.

Rental Fee: $5 each or $20 for all 5

Acrylic Donut Stand

This Acrylic Donut Stand is a perfect detail for your Sweets Table!

What's Included: Acrylic Donut Stand

Rental Fee: $10

23" x 19" Gold "Bride to Be" Sign


Are you or someone you love planning a Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party? We've got you covered with this cute gold sign!

What's Included: Gold "Bride to Be" Sign

Rental Fee: $25/day​

19" White Lantern

Our lovely lantern opens for you to conveniently place a candle inside. It is also beautiful enough to be used without a candle!

*Loose candles are not allowed to be placed inside this lantern. You candle MUST be in glass.*

What's Included: 19" White Lantern

Rental Fee: $10/day​

14" White Easle

Display your precious photos with this Shabby Chic Easel Stand.

What's Included: 14" White Easel

Rental Fee: $5/day​

24" Black Easel

Display your precious photos with this Classic Black Stand.

What's Included:  24" Black Easel

Rental Fee: $5/day​

Five (5) Oversized Pink Paper Flowers

Each of these adorable paper flowers has flat cardboard and a tab attached to them to make hanging easier!

What's Included: Five (5) Oversized Pink Paper Flowers.

Rental Fee: $25/day​

Large Pink Double-Sided Chalkboard Sign (BLANK OR CUSTOMIZED)


This chalkboard sign is exactly what you need to welcome or guide your guests. You can either rent the sign blank for you to customize yourself OR we can customize the sign for you with vinyl.

What's Included: Pink Double-Sided Chalkboard Sign

Rental Fee: $30/day (BLANK)
                      $80/day (CUSTOM: 1 SIDE)

                      $100/day (CUSTOM: 2 SIDES)

Two (2) Turquoise Blue Benches


Give your event a unique style with these fun colored benches. One is pictured; however, we have 2 available for you to rent

What's Included: Two (2)Turquoise Blue Benches.

Rental Fee: $40 each or $70 for both

Multi-Color Strobe Light


This fun Strobe Light has 6 Colors (Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Red and Pink) that continuously change. You have the option of taking colors out and using only the colors you want. You can change the flashing speed with a dial. You can also adjust the setting to change based on the beat of the music in the room! This rental is perfect for small events; such as, bachelorette parties.

What's Included: Plug-in Strobe Light with 6 Changing Colors.

Rental Fee: $25/day​

Two (2) Lavender/Marble Vases


Use our Marble Vases filled with Lavender and Greenery to accent your special day! Each vase stands about 12'' tall.​

What's Included: Two(2) Lavender/Marble Vases

Rental Fee: $8/day​

***All rental may be subject to a delivery fee. Pickup/Dropoff is an option for most items.***